Being A Star In Your Industry Is A Matter Of BUSINESS

Some Matter Of BUSINESS of these are great they’re natural organic and you’re not having to use any nasty Matter Of BUSINESS chemicals or anything like that so you know the blight is a fungus or issue and you know for any plants .

That have fungus issues you know you can use a couple different things so allright a good fungicide to start with is apple cider vinegar so this is just a organic apple cider vinegar you know.

The great thing about this is it’s just loaded with a bunch of minerals and everything else it’s completely organic and it’s a great fungicide you know and it works great for black spot or any other issues.

That you’re having with your plants so it’s really easy just two tablespoons to one gallon of water and put it in your sprayer spray it on your plants and it’s a it’s a great fungicide so you know .

The other thing you could use is a baking soda it’s another good fungicide you know and you usually always have this lying around the house use my wife uses it for laundry and all .

That type of good stuff but one tablespoon of this to one gallon of water works great as a fungicide and then if you want to bump it up just a little bit more just you know a squirter a half tablespoon of liquid soap you know really helped to kind of stick to.

the plant stick too we used to do its job so this is another really good fungicide so another thing here you see a lot of people use molasses you can basically just use.

This as a it’s a really good fertilizer so if you guys follow me you know doing it organically is the way to go not using a chemical fertilizers so the way